SDI profile was performed for all associates in Cell and Molecular Biology department (approx 25). Feedback after SDI workshop was very positive and team members were discussing a lot about different profiles and feedback received during the teambuilding.
My personal opinion is that the communication was better after our teambuilding and consequently also performance of the whole team increased. People were speaking more openly about their values, mode of communication and different personality types were better understood after the workshop.
This workshop helped also me as a leader since I can slightly modify the communication with each individual. I also better understand personal values of my team members and what is their view to other team members behaviours and performance.
Overall very useful teambuilding which improves communication within the team as well improves personal development of each attendee.
Dominik Gaser PhD, Department head, Cell & Molecular Biology, LEK d.d. official statement

We are a newly established team, three women and seven men, three nationalities and three generations, making the rules of our operations as we are going. Clearly, to work together effectively, we needed to get to know each other better – SDI has proven to be an effective method to use.

We spent a day together in a cozy environment, hosted by Urška Gerbajs and Pam Welsby, getting to understand what really drives each of us. We gained quite a new perspective on how we are different, with some people that are thinking deeply, while others are just going straight ahead and some taking care more for the people or putting the emphasis on strong relationships. Indeed, from the phrase that we value diversity, we got a flavor of what that really means in our day-to-day work.

As a person with a ‘red’ drive, I have realised that I need ‘green’ next to me - to set the course at least a bit right, so as not to have to fix everything on the fly. Moreover, for the brainstorming, there is a small group of people in the team, which is just right for that: open minded for all options. Our diversity is a huge, not yet fully deployed lever in the team and SDI helped us to start to become aware of what it means for us.

We are take small steps at a time and using it more and more. Helping us to be not only more successful as a team, but also feeling better with each other while knowing our “true colors”.

Igor Bosevski, Supplier relationship manager ESO Chemicals, Lek Pharmaceuticals d.d.
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We've prepared the programme Management Skills in Si.mobil for all levels of management, from administration to leaders of groups. It contained several modules that were related to our internal business strategy, vision and goals. With regard to the workshop the integration of leaders and style of making content was even more interactive.

In order to identify the causes of behavior, methods of communication, their own values and values of colleagues, we were also introduced with the tool SDI - Strength Deployment Inventory. Leaders like to use it for their colleagues within the team buildings. It turned out that the exchange of experiences, knowledge, ideas and incentives was extremely welcome, precisely because of the involvement of all management levels into a single group. Improvements were also visible in the area of easier and therefore faster intersectoral communication. The level of satisfaction of employees and superiors has raised. The advantage of the full set of management skills, performed by one provider, was visible in the knowledge of our culture, mentality and our reality.

Among workshops were mirror settings placed by the provider, company Fast Forward to us very useful. Management skills are according to the challenges of leaders always raising and so the implementation of what it was heard on the modules is put to the test practically every day.

Darja Hvala, HR and Training Specialist, Si.mobil d.d., Slovenija 


Fast Forward helped our Customer Service team to realize that an individual cannot win as an individual, but as a team. We focused on team work and working as a team we developed many ideas about how to improve our relationships and how to raise our profile with other departments.

We spent quite some time together and this helped us to know and understand each other better. With some additional knowledge about different types of people we also recognised our own styles and the styles of others. By using this tool (SDI®) we learned how to react to different types of people and this really helps to make our daily work with customers and colleagues easier.

All in all, this training was a good opportunity for our Customer Service team to become more united and more team oriented, and this has helped us to solve problems together and to adapt easier with less stress to all the changes we are facing daily.

A strong team is actively seeking new challenges and we are definitely on this way. 

Nada Grozl, Customer Service Manager, Sava Tires Slovenia

Our business aim is to have the highest quality of customer service for our clients and to grow our business for the future. We knew that to achieve this, we must raise the attitude and skills of our team and for this reason we chose Fast Forward as our partner.

With Fast Forward we used the SDI profiling tool for all our team to increase internal teamwork and communication as well as better understand the different ways of giving great service to different people, to handle any complaints or problems well and to be able to gain new business opportunities.
The changes in the team were quickly visible in the way they spoke with their clients, their ability to handle problems quickly and smoothly and in their sales successes. Working with Fast Forward has helped us to increase our standard of customer, grow our business and all together develop a high performing team that can keep on bringing us the results we want.

Andrej Grčman, General Manager, Klicni center Odmev, GROM informacijske rešitve


The main purpose of introducing SDI training to target employee group in our company was usage of SDI for enhancing internal selling skills and influencing across the company.

Although majority of participants already went through various communication skills programs before, the main feedback was that this training was something completely different in a sense not only that it is an interesting model helpful for better understanding of differences between people but also that it is easily applicable both in business situations as well as in their private life.

And the most interesting side-effect was that after the training to all participants everything started to appear "in SDI colours" either in communication between themselves or with other colleagues.

Tomana Burger Pajic, Personal Development Supervisor, Siemens Croatia


The Need: Newly formed Central Europe cluster aggregating 6 countries and embarking on an experimental cross-country business model with recently appointed leaders needed to be successful. The initial communication cascade of strategic priorities and stretched targets were poor, alignment suboptimal, resistance to change visible, engagement limited and team spirit embryonic.

The Content: A 3-step-approach + individual coaching for Senior Leaders.  

a) Ensuring understanding of core priorities and communication training for all leaders. 
b) Ensuring understanding of people differences, cultures, motives, behaviours through SDI model and roll-out across the organisation. 
c) Change Management training and dissemination of new company values expected to impact behavioural changes.

The Changes: Increased cross-functional / cross-country effectiveness. Simplified communication. Increased level of feedback and ability to receive challenges. Full alignment on company strategic priority, strong restitution and understanding of why it was chosen.

The Benefits: Increased Team engagement and pride. Meet the stretched business target the 1st year. Target exceeded the second year. some Emerging Talent recognised and promoted outside their own country. European Company Award for accelerating one of the strategic products.

Herve Dussart, Country President Central Europe, AstraZeneca


As much as we were clear about what our needs are when it comes to ‘influencing’ as training, the more difficult part was sourcing training suppliers who could actually recognise what we need and design and deliver a customized programme. Fast Forward did the job perfectly, from Training Needs Analysis to training design and delivery. The impact of the training is now visible every day when you talk to delegates - the profiling tool itself (SDI®) has become "common terminology" in every day work. As an organisation, we have become more sensitive to needs and values of our colleagues - which makes us more successful ‘influencers’ and ‘communicators’ in general.

Djurdjica Preočanin, Training & Development Manager, Coca Cola Beverages Croatia


Conflict can be perceived as trouble, it is great now to have a concrete tool (SDI®) to help us to prevent conflicts and to see them as challenges.

Darja Hvala, HR and Training Specialist, Si.mobil d.d., Slovenia


First of all, I think coaching is the best way to learn more about yourself and to learn how to react in the best way in a specific situation or relationship. Effective communication is the key for good relationships and achieving great results. The profile tool SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) charmed me with its simplicity and applicability. Of course this might not be the case without a great coach. All of this applies to our TB as well. One of my colleagues said: 'It takes so little and the things and people are so much better understood.'

Violeta, Sandoz Slovenia (Novartis company) 

I wish to express my gratitude for leading me through the coaching process in the last 9 months. This has been a great pleasure and a significant learning for me.

 Some of the key successes from the programme include:

  • It was thanks to the discussions that we have had that encouraged me to apply for the new position and eventually I got a new assignment for managing Pharmacy Chains KAMs.
  • What in particular I liked about the SDI profiling tool was the toolbox of behaviours that can be adopted for use with different personalities depending on their profile.
  • Increasing my self-confidence within Senior Management Team leading to taking initiative/responsibility for important project building on my strengths (strategic analysis).

Krzysztof Kornas, Market Access Director, AstraZeneca Pharma Poland Sp. Z.o.o.