September 2018 Customer service is about your customer's perception of how they are being treated. This perception directly affects their (buying) behaviour and drives their loyalty.  Understanding this perception means learning about and respecting your customer's values. It means finding out how your service connects to their values and how this makes your service meaningful for them.

June 2018 Improving and achieving a higher Quality of Life is in the forefront of our learning and development programmes. All that we do is tied to helping people to be their better selves, manage daily challenges more easily, and have stronger and more meaningful interpersonal relations. In June's newsletter we focused on ever growing focus of achieving and sustaining greater Quality of Life.

March 2018

In our work we are focusing more increasingly on helping you achieve better quality of life, better work-life balance and greater happiness in work and in life.  we are writing on how SDI can help you reduce stress and improve quality of your life and how SDI can bridge the gap between generations. 

February 2018

Now you can receive funds for developing skills of older employees. We designed special packet of workshops to help you increase motivation and engagement of your older employees.  

December 2017

We have successfully delivered first programme 'Be Successful and Happy at Work'. For next year we will focus even more on achieving higher quality of life. Until then we'd like to share some memories on 2017.

October 2017

Apart from our 25 soft skills workshops we designed also new programme 'Be Successful and Happy at Work' and 'SDI Self Discovery Programme'. We also started writing a blog, to share with your more personal stories.

May 2017

This Newsletter covers the importance of reducing conflict in the workplace and how, with the use of SDI, it can be avoided.

March 2017

This newsletter covers Achieving Results and making sure you choose the correct training provider and get value for your money.

January 2017

As 2017 is here we assess the new year and launch our new and improved services to be more aligned with our partners and customers.

November 2016

In this issue we concentrate on the visit to Slovenia of Stella Collins and her work with Neuroscience to develop more interactive 'Brain Friendly Learning' sessions. Also we introduce our new Learning Solutions Workshops.