Our Achieving Results Process

From our first contact to the end of the Learning Process we keep you informed of everything which is happening in the Process.
Our steps have been developed over many years and we have taken the best principals from all our past Learnings to get to this point.
Please look at the following for the process of how we will move your people forward....



Step 1 - Meet

In then first stage of our process we meet up and talk with you to make sure we know what you expect from the Learning Process.
This will include your Goals, KPI's, Problems, Behaviour Changes needed and the Business Benefits expected.

Step 2 - Agree

After learning what is expected from the Learning Process in stage 1 we then decide who the Participants are, what skills they have at the moment and what your expectations for them are. We then agree Participant's, Manager's and Stakeholder's Expectations with you and then decide how we will design the Learning Process  to cover this.

Step 3 - Design

In then third stage of our process we design the Learning Journey, which will be created for your organisation, to meet the Business and Learning Goals set out in Steps 1 & 2. The Learnings will be perfectly aligned to the Participants attending and related to real, practical situations in the business. The Learning Journey could be workshops, coaching, questionnaires or a combination of all these Learning techniques in order  to meet the goals.

Step 4 - Deliver

In then fourth stage of our process we deliver the Learning Journey.
The Pre-Learning is to help the participant prepare for the Learning Programmes. The Workshops will be highly interactive, practical and will utilise various learning techniques. The Coachings will be personal and help individuals address some of the areas which are stopping them moving forward. The Post-Learning helps the participant to put into practice the learnings of the workshop.

Step 5 - Evaluate

Throughout the process  we evaluate the Learning Journey and amend as we feel appropriate.  We measure the Pre-course level of behaviour and skills, get feedback on the Workshop experiences and assess the Post-course situation. We get together at the Stakeholder's Review Meeting and discuss the results of the Programme, compare Pre-course and Post-course information, goals achieved and benefits gained. We then recommend further steps which could be taken for the next stage of development.

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