Evaluation process

Together, we agree behaviour changes you want to see as a result of the programme and use them in measuring the results achieved by our Learning Journey. We evaluate throughout the process and review and discuss the results together after the programme at the Stakeholder Review Meeting.


Pre-Course evaluation of existing level of behaviour

A short survey is sent to each participant before the workshop or programme for them to self assess the current level of behaviours connected to the programme.

Workshop evaluation of the experience, learning and outputs

A short survey is sent to each participant the day after the workshop to gain feedback and comments.

Post-Course evaluation of behaviour changes

A short survey is sent to each participant 4 weeks after the workshop to review the same behaviours they self assessed before the workshop. This measures changes made and results from the workshop.

Stakeholder Review Meeting to ensure goals set have been achieved

We review all elements of the programme, along with the evaluation results, and provide further advice and support in ensuring long term changes are made from the Learning Journey.

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