Learning Techniques

We create an environment which is beneficial to Learning. We use many tried and tested techniques to make the Learning Journey as streamlined as possible and use a Learner Centered approach in order to get the Learnings across in the most effective way. We create highly practical, participative, fun and action oriented workshops to create a fast and memorable way of learning.

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Accelerated Learning

Accelerated Learning is an approach to Learning which involves the whole body and all senses. Your facilitator creates an area where participants are able to absorb and retain information better as the training space is full of multi-sensory equipment. This could be in stimulating the senses, the interaction with other members of the group or simply in the fact that participants feel 'comfortable' in their surroundings.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP is knowing how the mind works. It is an approach to communication when dealing with Personal Development. You can build rapport with people in the group and use this group cohesion to make Learnings much more sustainable. When using NLP you can provide much more depth to a learning, even creating a belief, not just a behaviour change.

Points Of You

In some circumstances we will use the Points of You training cards. The cards are a visual representative of various images from the world around us. The cards let us focus on varying situations from a new perspective and therefore give a new insight into a situation or problem not thought of before.

Visual Facilitation

When we are running our workshops we create a visual representation of the story of the workshop. What has been discussed, what solutions were found to particular problems, the group agreements for how we should move forward. As part of the follow up to the workshop the flip chart story is shared with all participants so there is a permanent reminder of what was discussed, the outcomes and the way forward.

Emotional Intelligence

The way we feel determines how our thoughts are processed, the way our thoughts develop determine our behaviour. Our behaviour then represents itself in our performance. Therefore, we need to manage our feelings. With Emotional Intelligence we can measure our feelings in 6 key areas and learn the ability to manage these better. This results in better performance, better teamwork and a happier workplace.

Relationship Intelligence

People are different. How we perceive, understand and communicate is unique to us. To build stronger relationships, respecting these differences, we learn to adjust our approach and use our full range of strengths to better collaborate, solve problems and perform collectively on a higher level.

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